Data Collection and Analysis Unit

Los Angeles City of Los Angeles Offices

Data Collection and Analysis Unit

Department of Public Health
County of Los Angeles

The Data Collection and Analysis Unit is responsible for the collection and processing of state mandated data, including births and deaths. This unit also provides statistical reports based on vital records, and other health status indicators derived from public health data for Los Angeles County.

Data Collection and Analysis staff includes statistical analysts, epidemiologists, programmers, and data managers. This group consults with other DHS units in the preparation of special research reports.

Data Collection and Analysis Unit includes Public Health's Automated Vital Statistics System (AVSS) Data Center, which is responsible for the support and maintenance of our countywide AVSS Distributed Network for electronic birth records. Our AVSS Data Center also maintains and supports our AVSS Communicable Disease Reporting System.

Data Collection consists of an administrative/ research unit which is responsible for the daily operations of the Vital Records office and the Morbidity Sections. The Vital Records office registers birth and death certificates and issues burial permits. The Morbidity Sections, including District Services, process all reports of communicable disease and generate weekly reports to the State Department of Health Services.

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