GIT Innovation. Inc - Golf Teaching Mats Auburn

Published date: 06/22/2024
GIT Innovation. Inc - Golf Teaching Mats

What is Teaching Mat

In golf, muscle memory is the only way to learn by repeatedly practicing correct movements consistently. The Teaching Mat can help you consistently remember the setup posture by using the address setup template, and it has accurate golf muscle memory of the swing path and ball position and stance according to club selection.

Down blow impact guidance device benefits, Fat shot prevention, Topping shot prevention and golf muscle memory of down blow impact, so you can get improved feedback in a short time. The Teaching Mat uses high quality nylon grass, high elastic rubber foam with hardness close to the friction resistance when hitting on actual fairway grass to alleviate the hitting impact and prevent joint pain injuries.

Down blow impact guidance device that can be used for both L/H and R/H golfers by removing and rotating and the flat mat are designed to be easily attached and detached by assembling with Velcro. The Teaching Mat is a U.S.A and PCT (International patent) patent licensed product.

Golf Teaching Mats

Hitting mats should have the feel of real grass as much as possible. On most hitting mats, a chunked shot can look good because the club bounces off the mat rather than digging into it, making it look much better than off-turf. Teaching Mat is made of rubber foam with a consistent feel and realistic grass interaction under the same conditions as ground hardness, taking advantage of the feel of real grass as much as possible.

Impact Shock Absorption - The Teaching Mat makes the height of the grass longer and the rubber foam has the same condition as the ground hardness to absorb the shock from the impact and prevent wrist or elbow injuries.

Durability - The teaching mat has a grass turf thickness of 5/8"± and a foam thickness of 3/4"±, which satisfies shock absorption at impact and does not cause foot slipping or slipping at swing impact, providing optimal data for a stable swing. The teaching mat has a ±(5mm) thick base rubber attached to prevent the floor from slipping, increasing durability by protecting the foam and adhesion to the floor. The grass is made of nylon and treated with UV protection to increase durability for outdoor use.

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